Voggy Volcano Lanai Music

This was recorded amidst some vog on Wes and Nancy's back lanai up in Volcano. We didn't prepare much (well, we sort of ran through the tunes..once at least) Nevertheless, it is always a great pleasure to play music with my friend Wes Awana on vocals and baritone ukulele. I'm playing my Dobro resonator guitar. … Continue reading Voggy Volcano Lanai Music


Some Freaky Jazz Pentatonic Relationship

Attention! Those playing a Dm7-G7-CMajor7 chord progression! (or a "ii-V-I," which is a fairly common way to get around in a jazz tune): If you play our old friend A minor pentatonic (think 'Stairway to Heaven') over the D minor seventh chord (Dm7), you hear some nice tones (the 5, b7, 1, 9, and 11). … Continue reading Some Freaky Jazz Pentatonic Relationship

Learning Ukulele

(recording of a spruce-topped concert ukulele w/low g-string, about 1mb file size) https://islandnotes.wordpress.com/files/2008/11/guke.mp3 Playing the ukulele is a great way to relax while learning new ways to use your brain, ears, hands, voice, and heart. If you are reading this, then perhaps you already have an interest in learning to make music with the ukulele. … Continue reading Learning Ukulele