Vernacular Volcano Lanai Music

Homebred -- Homespun -- Homegrown -- Homemade The word vernacular refers to a way of being, doing, and making that is community and self-reliant, as opposed to formal exchange and/or from vertical distribution -- produced and transported from elsewhere. It's about reciprocity patterns as integral to all aspects of life. Tomas Belsky Six Musicians Obviously, … Continue reading Vernacular Volcano Lanai Music


Seven Hawaiian Songs

Here are seven Hawaiian songs that Wes Awana, Kahele Miura, and myself played up in Volcano the other day. This is actually a rehearsal for a later gig. As such, be forewarned, they ain't polished into fine art -- more like rough-hewn chunks of lava. (And the occasional digital distortion on these recordings is about … Continue reading Seven Hawaiian Songs

Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me

These two broads ladies recently graduated from college. Due to the unforeseen delamination of the American dream, their careers are on hold while they open for blog postings: Krishna Emerald, backed up by the legendary Pepper Carroll. Carroll cut her teeth playin' tenor south of Chi-town. Her face-smashing solo--from the hammock--stretches the boundries of jazzflute … Continue reading Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me

Voggy Volcano Lanai Music

This was recorded amidst some vog on Wes and Nancy's back lanai up in Volcano. We didn't prepare much (well, we sort of ran through the tunes..once at least) Nevertheless, it is always a great pleasure to play music with my friend Wes Awana on vocals and baritone ukulele. I'm playing my Dobro resonator guitar. … Continue reading Voggy Volcano Lanai Music

Independent Community Streaming Audio

The ability for independent thinkers and artists to stream audio on the internet (and to listen of course) is very exciting. It can also be a public platform with which to share many diverse ideas. But wait a minute! Before I forget that I am enthusing about something as novel as a hundred years ago … Continue reading Independent Community Streaming Audio

Stormy Monday’s Stupendous Ending

Ding dang it anyhow, just can't help but post this last recording of what is really sort of a triptych for now. The recorder, while faithfully recording our saturday night jam, ran out of memory such that the stupendous ending wasn't recorded. (..Mark the singer rose up and flew around suspended on secret guidewires..and we … Continue reading Stormy Monday’s Stupendous Ending

Learning Ukulele

(recording of a spruce-topped concert ukulele w/low g-string, about 1mb file size) Playing the ukulele is a great way to relax while learning new ways to use your brain, ears, hands, voice, and heart. If you are reading this, then perhaps you already have an interest in learning to make music with the ukulele. … Continue reading Learning Ukulele