“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Professional Protection!”

The issue of licensing of "professionals" has com has come up in the current Hawaii legislative session. The estimable blogger and activist Larry Geller is advocating for the defeat of proposed legislation that would do away with professional licensing for several professions. By extension, the respective state licensing boards would cease to exist -- with … Continue reading “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Professional Protection!”


Aloha Barack. Bye Dick…

On this day of celebration, let us also celebrate that Bush and Cheney and their legion of reactionaries* are departing the national political stage. *(Political terminology wrongly identifies conservative and liberal thought as opposite to one another. A more accurate political model has an x-y axis: conservative [no-change] to radical [change] along one axis, and … Continue reading Aloha Barack. Bye Dick…

Why Participate?

Ideally, elected officials represent our concerns. More often, lobbyists promote policy furthering their beneficiaries’ special agendas, often at great harm to the public good. In this way, government has been gradually and systematically transformed from that of democracy to government primarily serving special interests, often contrary to community concerns. Political discussion has been mutated to … Continue reading Why Participate?

Energy Independence = Local Reliance

All of us are implicated in our current global ills by our unrestrained consumption of oil -- more accurately: our consumption of energy. Yet, simply turning off our cars and stopping our consumption of fossil fuels is impossible. Families and individuals are unable to cut off this dependency and still get to work, school, and … Continue reading Energy Independence = Local Reliance