So Much More Than Mai Tais

I first learned of the Hawaii Tourism Authority's (HTA) sponsoring of a group of eight mainland internet entrepreneurs, dubbed: So Much More Hawaii through local media impresario Damon Tucker's blog. (Damon really wants to down some Mai Tais with these folks. "Hey everyone! I'll twitter for the next round! Oops! my dang cell phone is … Continue reading So Much More Than Mai Tais


Follow Marshall McLuhan on Twitter!

Hey! Isn't that numbnuts staring at his reflection again? --some Greek person (The following ideas are largely borrowed from an essay by Marshall McLuhan entitled: The Gadget Lover: Narcissus as Narcosis, appearing as Chapter 4 of his book: Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1st Ed. McGraw Hill, NY, 1964; reissued MIT Press, 1994, with … Continue reading Follow Marshall McLuhan on Twitter!

Blogzilla Versus The Community

The term blog is rather absurd. To be sure, that is what we are going with and it would be more absurd yet to try and start a movement to redefine terms for the world wide web. So for the sake of pragmatism let's at least take a look at why blog is perhaps lacking … Continue reading Blogzilla Versus The Community

Polling the Blog Vog of Advertising

(Post..posting note: After giving this more thought, it would seem valid to make the distinction between local businesses' advertisements, and say, distant-from-the-community ads. Still, the discussion of how advertisement might affect the reporting of community news is worthwhile, particularly as digital "content" is crashing straight into what has traditionally been called "news.") Or as one … Continue reading Polling the Blog Vog of Advertising

Why Participate?

Ideally, elected officials represent our concerns. More often, lobbyists promote policy furthering their beneficiaries’ special agendas, often at great harm to the public good. In this way, government has been gradually and systematically transformed from that of democracy to government primarily serving special interests, often contrary to community concerns. Political discussion has been mutated to … Continue reading Why Participate?