“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Professional Protection!”

The issue of licensing of “professionals” has com has come up in the current Hawaii legislative session. The estimable blogger and activist Larry Geller is advocating for the defeat of proposed legislation that would do away with professional licensing for several professions. By extension, the respective state licensing boards would cease to exist — with the aim of consequently eliminating the budgeting for these publicly-funded boards (i.e. reduce state spending).

I have no doubt that Larry has good intentions in sounding a cautionary note as to why these licensing processes should continue. I can also empathize with Larry’s particular regard for marriage and family therapists losing professional certification — and with it the ability to bill “third party” (insurance companies and such) for their services — while counselors bearing the title “psychologist” retain the ability to be compensated by third parties.

Still, equating professional licensing — certification — of such professionals, with “consumer protection” takes on a certain mendacious odor that I think merits further scrutiny.
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Commie Radio Coming Soon?

This post sort of began as a comment to Big Island Chronicle and a discussion concerning fast food businesses coming to the entry of Pahoa, Hawaii, a truly …unique village in the lower Puna district on Hawai’i Island. A fellow, Mike Middlesworth, writes this comment at the tail-end of a good discussion:

All of this begs the real question:

If local businesses are so much better, why don’t more people shop at them so they can succeed?

Why are WalMart, Target, Costco, McDonalds, Longs, etc. so successful?

Could it be it’s because they offer things more people want at good prices?

Isn’t that what Free Enterprise is all about?

In this instance of degradation of a community’s natural heritage in the name of “free enterprise” perhaps the real question is:

Should capitalism be regulated (by gov’t) such that the public good of a community is dominantly expressed politically, to determine pono (righteous) policy?

An old rivalry: private property vs. public (democratic) government. Click here to see the scorecard!