Networks, Community, and Early Childhood Education

Today's post borrows more of John Taylor Gatto's ideas -- in particular his summation of the profound difference between networks and community and how recognition of these differences is pretty important in the efforts at bettering our children's education -- or more broadly: in sensibly developing our community's well-being. The people who have come to … Continue reading Networks, Community, and Early Childhood Education


Antipodes for Anthropoids

Some fifteen years into the Internet's emergence onto our lives, we are informing and being informed at a rate that was inconceivable prior to our connection to this digital network. As kids growing up in the seventies we fantasized about the all-knowing, all-powerful computer to which we'd just inquire for answers to pretty much everything. … Continue reading Antipodes for Anthropoids

What’s Going on with Head Start?

What's going on with Head Start? All of the sudden, after 40 years, and in the very middle of the federal budget year, the Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council (HCEOC) is relinquishing its administration of the Head Start program on Hawaii Island. Just like that. The reason given is that the HCEOC wants to focus … Continue reading What’s Going on with Head Start?

Reply to: Ben Markus – HPR News

Aloha Ben, Thanks for your prompt reply. I'd only feel right if I sent along the URL to a little ditty I wrote about said piece. I hope you will take any polemical vibe as in the name of healthy dialectical policy debate. I do quite enjoy your work on HPR and hope you get … Continue reading Reply to: Ben Markus – HPR News

Superintendent Hamamoto’s Shameful Strategy

The State of Hawaii Department of Education, led by Superintendent Pat Hamamoto, is seeking the power to replace teachers, principals, and staff at some campuses that have been failing the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law. The state legislative proposal would allow the Hawaii DOE to intervene at public schools deemed deficient in achieving academic … Continue reading Superintendent Hamamoto’s Shameful Strategy

Blogzilla Versus The Community

The term blog is rather absurd. To be sure, that is what we are going with and it would be more absurd yet to try and start a movement to redefine terms for the world wide web. So for the sake of pragmatism let's at least take a look at why blog is perhaps lacking … Continue reading Blogzilla Versus The Community

Island Notes’ Year-End Blog Slog

Well, it's been about two months since I first..blogged. (Do we really have to go with the terms, "blog", "blogging", "blogosphere" and such? Sounds more like a turd for chrissakes, or maybe one of those cheese logs covered in slivered nuts--don't sound much like something you'd really go out of your way to get a … Continue reading Island Notes’ Year-End Blog Slog

Independent Community Streaming Audio

The ability for independent thinkers and artists to stream audio on the internet (and to listen of course) is very exciting. It can also be a public platform with which to share many diverse ideas. But wait a minute! Before I forget that I am enthusing about something as novel as a hundred years ago … Continue reading Independent Community Streaming Audio

Weasels Pimped My Kid …She’s goin’ to Harvard!

Pahoa High & Intermediate School (Hawaii), as one of the thirty first-prize schools "winning" Samsung’s fifth-annual Hope for Education essay contest, will receive more than $60,000 in technology, software, cash grants and educational television programming packages. Samsung (with Microsoft Corporation and DIRECTV) posed the question, “How has technology educated you on helping the environment and … Continue reading Weasels Pimped My Kid …She’s goin’ to Harvard!

The Cost of Obama’s School Computer Plan

Our children's lives have become mired in a world placing disproportionate emphasis on global economic considerations. While economics and material goods are indeed necessary for securing the immediate needs for our survival, excessive energies have gone into the institutional programming and marketing of activities that were previously peoples’ innate experience of belonging to a healthy … Continue reading The Cost of Obama’s School Computer Plan

School Reform and the Nature of Learning

Knowledge is only considered a commodity if seen as a result of an institution’s goals, economic and otherwise. Knowledge is NOT a commodity. Costly and ineffective systems of education can be changed to better serve our communities if we take back personal responsibility for what we learn and teach. A teacher who risks interfering in … Continue reading School Reform and the Nature of Learning

Why Participate?

Ideally, elected officials represent our concerns. More often, lobbyists promote policy furthering their beneficiaries’ special agendas, often at great harm to the public good. In this way, government has been gradually and systematically transformed from that of democracy to government primarily serving special interests, often contrary to community concerns. Political discussion has been mutated to … Continue reading Why Participate?

When Corporations Educate Our Children

While our public schools may sometimes be less than effective in teaching our children, corporate profit motives have a much more ulterior and exploitive interest in what our children do at school. Community health, joy, and empowerment are much more beneficial to a community than to corporation shareholders. A strong and healthy community is somewhat … Continue reading When Corporations Educate Our Children