Hawaii Volcano Eruption – Everybody Run!

Absurdum Infinitum in 3 acts

The Slocum Affair: episodes 1-3

Giant Steps on Small Hands

I’m My Own Best Fluffer

Here’s Jak!

Island Notes’ Year end Blog Slog


Nice Dark Tan!

Got Stinky Waste?

Hey Jack, Care to Whack?

Unrelated-shoe-related Story

My Brother Nutty


2 thoughts on “Humor

  1. this is a nice web site. Do you want a jpeg of the hammerhead picture and are you interested in any other pictures. I have one of a surfer on a big wave, one of diamond head and outrigger(and accordion ofcourse), and the sufing seranade. Let me kow if you eant any or all. Julie Alvarado

  2. Aloha Julie,

    I’m glad I ‘bumped into’ your painting at the Sanchez Art Gallery in Pacifica the other day. Your delightful paintings complete with surf and accordion are a real complement to this thing called Island Notes! So please email all of those that you mentioned if you would, and thanks for contributing your talent.


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