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  1. Interestingly eclectic website my friend. How many other websites can boast musicology insights and Nutty the Squirrel? Not to mention some fine fine art and educational forays.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll spread your URL around. BTW, I just found out that URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is about as useless a piece of information as you can ever be bothered not to know.

    Alohas and manly hugs


  2. How do you submit something? Please be specific, ya know, click this than that…My poetry muse has been burning holes in my creative ozone layer.

  3. Aloha Kolea,

    Actually, to submit is to email it to me at the address given. Someone else had mentioned that they’d kind of like to be able to submit more directly. I’m not sure if I can facilitate that. Is that preferable to you too? If so, I can check on the possibility of such a thing. Until then, keep that fire stoked! It was, like 45 degrees up here this morning ..well, it DID go back up to 70 something later..but it was cold!

  4. Aloha Liz,

    Thanks for checking it out. Your projects look interesting as well. Don’t hesitate to drop a line if’n some collaborative notion comes up. For example, your forthcoming journey might make for some interesting reportage. Keep in touch.

  5. Aloha Darren, read through your blog a little bit and it was very interesting and insightful =) You mind if i add your blog to my blogroll?

  6. Hi breadry13,

    I’d be flattered, I think.. Now, if I can just find yours to spock it out, etc.
    (update: Heya Ry-san, thanks for adding me. Hadn’t made the connection with your email to yer blog: I’ve reciprocated. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more. You and your dad write well. nature? nurture? dunno but has that elusive “quality” that Persig was chasing down..if I recall rightly..I hope to get the chance to meet you guys sometime. Anyway, it’s late over here..back ..moo nechau!)


  7. Interesting site Darren!

    So what are your views on medical hemp, biodiesel, Willie Nelson, and overpriced guitar strings at the Music Exchange.

    Stop by the farm and get some cuttings for your garden.

    Aloha, Dave

  8. Aloha Dave,

    I understand Willie Nelson smoked drugs and vegetable oil in his biodiesel car. As for strings, I prefer Ken’s overpriced strings at Hilo Guitars.

    Hope to get down to your garden one of these here times.



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