Island Notes Podcast w/ Ryan and Laura

This is a conversation we had about living and about podcasting.


The Slocum Affair episodes 1-3

Featuring original presentations staged through the efforts of The Cyborg Players -- a somewhat stiff group of actors overcoming their synthetic voices' limitations to deliver their unique brand of human irony. This episode was produced first. However, it's sort of a Star Wars-y deal whereby the subsequent episodes kind of flesh-out what has previously occurred … Continue reading The Slocum Affair episodes 1-3

Giant Steps on Small Hands

Bus Stop - David Park Okay. You're on the bandstand. You're slugging out some jazz best you can, all the time trying to avoid what has been termed jazz wank. Sure, you've consulted your fake book many times; the irony is not lost on you as you pluck note after note in your desperate attempt … Continue reading Giant Steps on Small Hands

Les Paul and a Teenage Love Affair

A twelve year-old kid sneaks into his older brother's room down in the basement. In an immaculate black tolex-covered guitar case resting on the floor lays the object of his fascination. Confident that his oldest sibling is out of the house for the time being, he unbuckles the case and as usual forgets to open … Continue reading Les Paul and a Teenage Love Affair

Commie Radio Coming Soon?

This post sort of began as a comment to Big Island Chronicle and a discussion concerning fast food businesses coming to the entry of Pahoa, Hawaii, a truly ...unique village in the lower Puna district on Hawai'i Island. A fellow, Mike Middlesworth, writes this comment at the tail-end of a good discussion: All of this … Continue reading Commie Radio Coming Soon?

Vernacular Volcano Lanai Music

Homebred -- Homespun -- Homegrown -- Homemade The word vernacular refers to a way of being, doing, and making that is community and self-reliant, as opposed to formal exchange and/or from vertical distribution -- produced and transported from elsewhere. It's about reciprocity patterns as integral to all aspects of life. Tomas Belsky Six Musicians Obviously, … Continue reading Vernacular Volcano Lanai Music

Interview: Greg Henkel of Punatoons

The Maku'u Market is held every Sunday from about 9am until 2pm in lower Puna. The place seems to be burgeoning. Anyway, aside from getting down the mountain to score some good veggies, lunch, and to generally enjoy the diverse crowd that comprises the market, today's trip had the added excitement of stopping by to … Continue reading Interview: Greg Henkel of Punatoons

Interview: Richard Ha of Hamakua Springs

This morning I drove down to the Kino'ole Farmers Market to pick up a box of fresh produce from Hamakua Springs Country Farms in Pepe‘ekeo. My caption was selected as one of the three winning captions in Hamakua Springs' caption contest which appeared on their website, Ha Ha Ha! In addition to awarding me a … Continue reading Interview: Richard Ha of Hamakua Springs

Interview: Larry Geller of Disappeared News

Today I called Larry Geller. He's the guy who does the Disappeared News blog. In our discussion we talked about his brand of activism and some important issues he has recently written about: the media and current Hawaii and national political matters. In the following segment, Larry details some of the lobby efforts concerning broadband … Continue reading Interview: Larry Geller of Disappeared News

Biochar and the Rocket Stove

In contrast to yesterday's discussion with Jay FitzGerald on issues of sustainability, the following portion of our visit more specifically details two techniques for sustainability that Jay practices on his Hawaiian homestead: Biochar and the Rocket Stove, 14 minutes [Note: These postings are 32kbps audio files. While not the highest fidelity, they should stream … Continue reading Biochar and the Rocket Stove

audio interview: Jay Fitzgerald of Sensible Simplicity Forum

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Fitzgerald on his Puna homestead.  His recently created Sensible Simplicity Forum is for folks wanting to live in sustainable ways. Rather than the current green-spin of industries promoting  their hidden agendas in the name of sustainability, Jay's forum takes advantage of "free" internet tools to foster … Continue reading audio interview: Jay Fitzgerald of Sensible Simplicity Forum

Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me

These two broads ladies recently graduated from college. Due to the unforeseen delamination of the American dream, their careers are on hold while they open for blog postings: Krishna Emerald, backed up by the legendary Pepper Carroll. Carroll cut her teeth playin' tenor south of Chi-town. Her face-smashing solo--from the hammock--stretches the boundries of jazzflute … Continue reading Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me