Hawaii volcano ERUPTION: ‘Everybody RUN!’ – Hawaii Resident LOOTS Garage

By HAWAI'I EXPRESS Terrified Hawaii Resident Flees his Mililani Home! On Friday afternoon, just after the massive magnitude 6.9 earthquake that struck Hawaii, island resident Ryan Johnson was forced to flee his Mililani area home. The community remains in a state of shock over what is being called a truly horrifying incident. “I was in … Continue reading Hawaii volcano ERUPTION: ‘Everybody RUN!’ – Hawaii Resident LOOTS Garage


Aloha English: educational app for Android

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3Edjv3rYVk&list=UUe4PLvCyySV5HZNh_Oc7E6g Aloha English is a learning tool for memorizing knowledge about Hawai'i and our planet's environment through playing a unique matching game. First you choose a topic that interests you. Then you study the phrases. When you are ready, you begin the match game by shuffling the 14 phrases. Using your memory and understanding of … Continue reading Aloha English: educational app for Android

Absurdum Infinitum in 3 acts

Act 1: Tommy's Chosen Reality (4th grade Software Coding Class) In this episode in the educational series, we are introduced to the new federally mandated computer class in the fourth grade of Cheney Elementary School. Principal Laura Cummings; the recently outsourced computer instructor Gerry Shillencamp; the precocious Haruka Kawauchi; and that rascal Tommy -- combine … Continue reading Absurdum Infinitum in 3 acts

The Slocum Affair episodes 1-3

Featuring original presentations staged through the efforts of The Cyborg Players -- a somewhat stiff group of actors overcoming their synthetic voices' limitations to deliver their unique brand of human irony. This episode was produced first. However, it's sort of a Star Wars-y deal whereby the subsequent episodes kind of flesh-out what has previously occurred … Continue reading The Slocum Affair episodes 1-3

Topicmatch: Android™ app for contextual learning.

Topicmatch: the text phrase matching game about people, places, nature, arts, and science. Choose a topic. Study the paired text phrases. Shuffle the phrases. Then try to match them: Choose a number, read the phrase that appears, and then try to find its match. Download the free version: Topicmatch Free, to give it a spin … Continue reading Topicmatch: Android™ app for contextual learning.

Wall Street and Speed Limit

Why is it that protests on Wall Street and elsewhere -- denouncing corporate greed and perverse distribution of wealth, and the attendant corruption of our institutions -- why don't we recognize energy policies and energy's absolute relevance to inequity? (Indeed, amassing capital essentially correlates to determining energy policy.) But do you really think this is … Continue reading Wall Street and Speed Limit

Apocalypse. There, I said it.

KMO is a guy who has recorded nearly 300 podcasts called C-Realm Podcast. Of the dozen or so that I've listened to, they have been dialogs both edifying and entertaining, along with consistently grooving music. One can't help but observe that, in these fragmented times, and of corrupted institutions, such discussions are a very healthy … Continue reading Apocalypse. There, I said it.

Dr. Gabor Maté Diagnoses Messed Up Children

As a sort of dovetail to my last post which explored why networks might lead to sickness, but more importantly, for anyone concerned about their communities, families -- their children -- and the reasons and possible solutions for a society that has dropped the ball in regards to its present and future wellness; this guy, … Continue reading Dr. Gabor Maté Diagnoses Messed Up Children

Digital Personality

Hey Darren! Did you leave anything out in your last rap about networks versus the richness and complexity of real community interaction? I'm glad you asked, because one thing I failed to mention in my last post is that FaceBook, blogs, and other forums that operate in the guise of community interaction are unable to, … Continue reading Digital Personality

Networks, Community, and Early Childhood Education

Today's post borrows more of John Taylor Gatto's ideas -- in particular his summation of the profound difference between networks and community and how recognition of these differences is pretty important in the efforts at bettering our children's education -- or more broadly: in sensibly developing our community's well-being. The people who have come to … Continue reading Networks, Community, and Early Childhood Education

Scatological Hope

A colleague from where I teach sent me an article written by one of his former colleagues. The article: Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete by Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade, appears in the summer 2009 edition of the Harvard Educational Review. It opens with this quote from Paulo Freire: "The idea … Continue reading Scatological Hope

Commie Radio Coming Soon?

This post sort of began as a comment to Big Island Chronicle and a discussion concerning fast food businesses coming to the entry of Pahoa, Hawaii, a truly ...unique village in the lower Puna district on Hawai'i Island. A fellow, Mike Middlesworth, writes this comment at the tail-end of a good discussion: All of this … Continue reading Commie Radio Coming Soon?

Antipodes for Anthropoids

Some fifteen years into the Internet's emergence onto our lives, we are informing and being informed at a rate that was inconceivable prior to our connection to this digital network. As kids growing up in the seventies we fantasized about the all-knowing, all-powerful computer to which we'd just inquire for answers to pretty much everything. … Continue reading Antipodes for Anthropoids