Audio Compost

Where audio gets posted on the computer

…be it rotten or beneficial.


The ability for independent thinkers and artists to stream audio on the internet (and to listen of course) is very exciting. It can also be a public platform with which to share many diverse ideas.

But wait a minute! Before I forget that I am enthusing about something as novel as a hundred years ago – namely radio – what truly is novel is that, while corporations will continue to try and corner markets on everything (including culture), there is this little corner that remains ahead of the curve in attempts at usurping the public’s ability to independently participate and contribute to discussion and ideas that inform our community.

In this light, Island Notes supports collaborative efforts in this new form of on-demand community radio. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or audio files, don’t hesitate to drop a line. In particular, there is hope for audio interviews to be broadcast. At the moment, our President-elect is in the islands..however, I’m not holding my breath on that one. Nonetheless, we have many interesting, talented, and capable people on our island, nay, our planet, and if you would like to hear an interview with a particular person, or be interviewed yourself, or share some original audio, please send an email saying as much and let’s compost it. Mahalo.

The following tonepoem is a 24kbps mp3 to test if it streams on 36kbps dial-up connections.

It does: streaming

Tomas Belsky‘s print, Wailuku is fitting for this recording of a Hwamei recorded at the base of a breadfruit tree (‘ulu) one fine morning in the upper puna forest : Hwamei (315kb 32kbps)


(Those wanting to hear a higher-fidelity recording (@3mb) of hwamei in the same ohia forest but in December can go here.)

Here’s a couple of recordings of a spruce-topped concert ukulele (also Chinese):

128kbps mp3 (@1mb each)

The two above ukulele recordings were done to add actual ukulele sounds to a post that goes over some aspects of learning to play the ‘uke. Check it out here if you have an interest in such things.

This one is a bigger file (1mb). It’s an assemblage of 2 tracks of acoustic guitar with a back-drop provided by coqui frogs, crickets, and a fire:

boundaries10Clare Kuo: Boundries 10

(Note to the slower connected: If’n your connection doesn’t play these things without interruption, try and push the ‘pause button’ to let the file buffer. Still, files of 1mb and such will take some time to play if you are some fringe-dweller on the low-input plan.) For those not already put off by bandwidth..or artistic complaints, the following 128kbps sound files are from a fairly loose jam with a stereo microphone in the middle of the room. If nothing else, they sort of capture some of the music and fun of a saturday night jam:

Crossroads Blues (@3mb)

I Shot the Sheriff (@6mb)

Stormy Monday (@3mb) This last one is not for the faint-hearted and should be more like that bonus track that falls out of the record sleeve or something. I didn’t have time to prepare that, but this version of Rocky Mountain Way (from the above jam) has got some primitive ACDC-esque sensibility (ruinous yet provocative).

Rocky Mountain Way (@5mb)

..someone say, hana hou ? sure you did..I heard ya.. Ah shucks, well, as long as I’ve opened a can of music that is a bit..threadbare..I may as well toss this one into might have to mellow down after the above assault. It’s a little nylon-string guitar ditty that comes from that, sitting around the cabin with your thumbpick..and thinkin’, “hey, nice ditty..too bad I don’t ever remember good ditties..Oh ya, I got that portable digital recorder..I’ll record it”: Now that that’s over.. If you really want to hear the master of thumb-picked nylon-string guitar (maybe of all guitar actually), check out anything you can find by the late Lenny Breau. In particular, his superb take on another great thumbpicker, the late Jerry Reed‘s tune: The Claw. Of course, these cats were disciples of Chet Atkins. ..he died too..hmm..maybe I’ll just take this thumbpick off for now..

..and so, afterwards, as you ste’ beside the garden wall, just you and the coquis, Hoagy Carmichael inspires a Stardust melody (and some croaking):


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