Topicmatch: Android™ app for contextual learning.


Topicmatch: the text phrase matching game about people, places, nature, arts, and science.

Choose a topic. Study the paired text phrases. Shuffle the phrases. Then try to match them: Choose a number, read the phrase that appears, and then try to find its match.

Download the free version: Topicmatch Free, to give it a spin and see how it works.

What would a simple enjoyable game that encourages contextual learning through exploration of a wide selection of topics look like? Wouldn’t its user interface be shaped to minimize distractions and to maximize meaning?

Topicmatch is such a learning tool and it was designed by a lifelong teacher with these qualities in mind.

Topicmatch’s comfortable user interface was specifically designed to focus the user’s attention on the content of the various topics rather than mesmerizing graphics or ads. It functions entirely offline and can be used by single or multiple users to study while having fun. In addition, Topicmatch facilitates cognitive memory training.

The included 35 topics (nearly 500 distinct phrases, 1000s of vocabulary words) explore the history and interesting facts of diverse subjects such as: Astronomy, Basic English, Books, Carpentry Math, Dance, Electricity, Family, Food, Grammar, Greek Myths, Hawai’i, Health, Law, Music, Online Education, Permaculture, Software, Soil, Technology, The Moon, Ukulele, Visual Art, Writing, and more.

Non-native (ESL) English students, native speakers interested in the topics, and people of all ages wanting to train their memory while learning interesting facts, can benefit from using Topicmatch.

If a flexible learning tool for exploring diverse topics through dialog has a place in your education, Topicmatch is worth checking out!

Keywords: topic, match, study, context, integrated, vocabulary, learning, dialog, English, ESL, conversation, cognitive, memory, training, text, pairs, contextual, matching, phrase, phrases, cognitive training, mind, concentration


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