Noam Chomsky on Education

This morning I had the opportunity to talk to Noam Chomsky on the telephone. Professor Chomsky was the guest on Bob McChesney’s fine radio program Media Matters on WILL-AM580, located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

I much appreciate the efforts of these two gentlemen regarding their respective observations and calls for greater equity in the various institutions of our society. Nonetheless, what I often find irksome is the fact that people feeding at the trough of higher education are often reticent to speak to the current state of higher education; specifically, how higher education’s machinations might engender greater or lesser equity. Well, today I had the chance to pose that question to one of America’s more outspoken critics. I gotta say that Noam Chomsky didn’t disappoint. Whereas many academically tethered analysts — speaking to issues of inequity — will sidestep around what is increasingly coming to resemble a particularly mendacious elephant in the room, Prof. Chomsky addressed the issue in a way that…well, that’s why he’s Noam Chomsky.

Also, the two documents that Chomsky mentions: The Crisis of Democracy and The Powell Memorandum are well worth taking a look at; that is if you sometimes wonder how we got to where we are.


Noam Chomsky on education (15 mins, 10mb)


2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky on Education


    Kudos to the caller from Hawaii who wished to plumb Dr. Chomsky’s thoughts about American higher education, eliciting a response of uncustomary vitality. The sudden shift in tempo was unmistakable compared to his earlier over-drawn and over-generalized beating around the bush regarding the “unlikely to be” historicized legacies of the US involvements in Iraq and Libya (with the take-away nugget that Chomsky believes Iran is moving toward obtaining a nuclear “deterrent”). It is too bad more elucidating callers and questions were not included, and that this program (which had been rescheduled on short notice), might have trimmed opportunities for more interested listeners to participate.
    Posted by Robert B. Livingston on 12/20 at 02:13 PM

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