Dr. Gabor Maté Diagnoses Messed Up Children

As a sort of dovetail to my last post which explored why networks might lead to sickness, but more importantly, for anyone concerned about their communities, families — their children — and the reasons and possible solutions for a society that has dropped the ball in regards to its present and future wellness; this guy, Dr. Gabor Maté, was interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. In the interview, Dr. Maté breaks it down — in regards to parenting, substance abuse (pharmaceuticals and others), education, electronic media, and otherwise, in a way that is both…astanding and outstounding (you know what I mean).

Suffice to say, it’s well worth listening to. As the following link is a Realplayer audio file, it should stream just fine, even to those backwater dial-up types (i.e. those not on speed):

Dr. Gabor Maté interviewed on Democracy Now


One thought on “Dr. Gabor Maté Diagnoses Messed Up Children

  1. He talks about children growing up unattached to their caregivers and a link to autism, A.D.D, and a host of behavioral problems. He points to modern parents who are too often multitasking with screens and not picking up their babies. Kids learn from their adult community members and become disoriented; they never develop a “moral compass”. Gabor raises so many good points that are rarely heard in the mainstream media, and points out that these problems have no quick fix offered by large corporations.
    Who would’ve thought…children need large doses of sensory human interaction-not video games to thrive. So do adults, we all need a good massage now and then.

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