Antipodes for Anthropoids

Some fifteen years into the Internet’s emergence onto our lives, we are informing and being informed at a rate that was inconceivable prior to our connection to this digital network. As kids growing up in the seventies we fantasized about the all-knowing, all-powerful computer to which we’d just inquire for answers to pretty much everything.

So now we’ve thoroughly inquired of the great machine. Some have tried to engage it sexually, if not just find a date. Others have practiced varieties of digital alchemy whereby cleverly programmed computer code, or portals established for gathering yet more information, has led to untold riches if not merely new strategies for paying the rent.

Information in itself, and attempts at commercial ways of presenting information is nothing new. What is new and unfolding within our planet’s digital information network is the conflation — confusion really — of digitally transmitted information, with that of human expression. Surrogate versions of knowing, meeting, and befriending have developed online — through the digital media we present.

Authentically living expression by human beings, or by any living creatures is an altogether different matter. Confusing these two aspects of our existence leads to illness. And while perhaps interrelated, digital information and living expression are somewhat exclusive of one another.

Be that as is may, this admittedly esoteric rap most definitely applies to communities of living people. People are dependent on expression of their collective life force, not the least of which is expression of the very land that sustains the community. Conviviality, arts, and all measure of healthful activity, is through living human expression.

On the other hand, information and its unfolding means of digital presentation affords previously nonexistent means of conducting business — indeed a resource to be packaged and sold; markets (perhaps cornered), and a demand to be engineered and supplied with varieties of information — currently referred to as “social media”.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that, for information capitalists, a new equation demands that this information marketplace be established as dominant — superior and displacing the non-commodity of living face-to-face expression; something much more resistant to monetary profit.

So Darren, what compels you to inform of such things? Shouldn’t you be off playing your cello beneath some waterfall or something?

Perhaps. Yet these two antipodes (in my mind anyway) of: information and expression, are being tossed around in harmful ways, especially by stakeholders in the highly exploitive educational industry.

As such, if communities and parents fail to clearly distinguish these things…

…uh…it could get pretty stupid (gratuitously bad ending-alert).

3 thoughts on “Antipodes for Anthropoids

  1. Heya ryerro!
    Thanks for reading the post.
    Btw, it was a pleasure to meet up in real life on your recent stay on the island.
    We gots to get a bad-ass rockabilly/etc. band together if’n you get moved out.
    Until then, I’ll “see” you on this connected wire. (i.e. not rockabilly)

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