Seven Hawaiian Songs

Here are seven Hawaiian songs that Wes Awana, Kahele Miura, and myself played up in Volcano the other day. This is actually a rehearsal for a later gig. As such, be forewarned, they ain’t polished into fine art — more like rough-hewn chunks of lava. (And the occasional digital distortion on these recordings is about as smooth as said chunks!) Nevertheless, it is a blast to play with these guys, and the older I get, the more I see that mental flaws are about as essential as dental floss.

Wes is playing his baritone ukulele and singing, Kahele is playing his 12-string guitar and singing, and me, I’m playing my Dobro guitar, sometimes with a brass slide on my pinky.

Recorded a little high (the input levels that is) as 128 kbps mp3s with a digital stereo recorder:

Hene Hene Ko Aka
Pau Oa Liko Ka Lehua
E Nei
Ku’uipo Ikahe’e Pua Hone
E Mau
Pua Lilia

9 thoughts on “Seven Hawaiian Songs

  1. Love ’em all, an endearing blemish here and there, but no warts. :-) Hope these songs are for the gig that I THINK you’re referring to.

    Let’s talk on the phone soon. Got some more good news…

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I done tweaked the spelling as per your encouragement. Don’t hesitate to correct me as I still largely have no idea what the words mean. Shameless but true. Mahalo.

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