Interview: Greg Henkel of Punatoons

The Maku’u Market is held every Sunday from about 9am until 2pm in lower Puna. The place seems to be burgeoning. Anyway, aside from getting down the mountain to score some good veggies, lunch, and to generally enjoy the diverse crowd that comprises the market, today’s trip had the added excitement of stopping by to meet Greg Henkel. Greg has a stall at the market (E-6) where he sells some very tastefully sandblasted tiles among other things.

Greg also has started a sort of cartoon-blog called Punatoons. He has gone in for the caption-contest paradigm, which as a writer I find hard to resist. It’s like being able to reach your audience in a most stream-lined way. Moby Dick? War and Peace? — forget it, but give me a picture that someone wants to add some resonant words to and I’m all over that..

I mean, as a musician, it’s like, instead of having to tune-up, rehearse, focus..all that preparation slogging, now you can just take your trusted guitar..and just toss that sucker into a busy intersection, with the slim chance that is will make this weird sound as it hits the pavement that will cause others to say, “Dang. That was a weird-ass funny sound!”

Boom! You go home, you know? Maybe just read a book — or sleep. Easy.

What I was saying is that my caption was selected forget–but let’s just say a lot of hopeful caption contestants who commented upon Greg’s captionless cartoon. (At Poonatunes your comment is your caption entry.)

Anyway, as the caption contest winner for week #2, I was awarded $25 dollars worth of Greg’s wares. Not the least of the award was having the chance to go visit with Greg. (My mantra seems to be something like, “The internet is pretty neat..but it’s really great if it can lead to living encounters among community members.”)

Thanks Greg — not only for the set of four beautifully crafted tiles but also for taking the time to have a chat..and for being aware that COMIC is really COSMIC..without an ‘S’. (’s a lower Puna thing. Btw, the following interview should stream on dial-up connections too.)

Interview w/Greg Henkel 32kbps, 4 minutes

Oh. I almost forgot. Here’s Greg’s cartoon with Darren’s caption. It ain’t quite Lennon and McCartney (Jagger and Richards perhaps?), but it was fun:

punatoons think that one’s should of seen some of the other ones!

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