Biochar and the Rocket Stove

In contrast to yesterday’s discussion with Jay FitzGerald on issues of sustainability, the following portion of our visit more specifically details two techniques for sustainability that Jay practices on his Hawaiian homestead:

Biochar and the Rocket Stove, 14 minutes

[Note: These postings are 32kbps audio files. While not the highest fidelity, they should stream just fine on dial-up internet connections.]

(link to Jay’s informative rocket stove-post with pics, etc.)

Check out: Hawai’i Biochar Notes for a very extensive collection of information and links all about biochar.


2 thoughts on “Biochar and the Rocket Stove

  1. Not all charcoal is biochar. True biochar is the result of heating biomass in an emission free pyrolysis reactor devoid of oxygen. Biochar has been shown to be a very effective soil amendment in numerous studies in South America and Japan. It is becoming popularized enough in the US that Biochar Xtra is now even being sold on Ebay. Others are using the bio-oils derived from biochar production to replace fossil fuels. Some folks are alarmed at the possibility of vast tracts of land being denuded to produce biochar. This is not a valid concern because, due to its very low density of from 20 to 35 pounds per cubic foot, the transport of biochar over long distances is not economically feasible.

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