audio interview: Jay Fitzgerald of Sensible Simplicity Forum

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Jay Fitzgerald on his Puna homestead.  His recently created Sensible Simplicity Forum is for folks wanting to live in sustainable ways. Rather than the current green-spin of industries promoting  their hidden agendas in the name of sustainability, Jay’s forum takes advantage of “free” internet tools to foster discussions, share techniques, and coordinate resources to further the practices of truly sustainable living.

interview w/Jay Fitzgerald 32kbps 15 minutes

6 thoughts on “audio interview: Jay Fitzgerald of Sensible Simplicity Forum

  1. Aloha hypnoticgenius,

    Us folks at the Sensible Simplicity Forum most certainly welcome you. However, Island Notes is just one member’s blog (mine). The forum is located here:
    There is an interesting and informative group of hypnotists over there as well and we look forward to your participation if’n you get inspired.

  2. Aloha Jay, my name is Iris Straw and I am Waylon Kuegler’s mom; I assume you know him.
    He just told me about your forum and asked me to chk. it out, which I just did, and I listened
    to your audio interview/’09 recorded in Puna; most interesting, and I am very happy to know
    that our son is somehow connected w/you. Would love to have a chat w/you sometime and
    hear when you came to the island, etc. We lived there since the mid-70s and hold the distinction of losing the 1st house in R.G. in ’83, and then the 50th house in ’87. My husband of 20 yrs. and I live in Redwood Valley/Humboldt county, CA now and love it; we’re totally into sustainable living and are glad our sons in HI are in to it too; have you met our eldest son Gulliver yet? He and his ohana live in Kalapana; his dad’s a boat builder and cabinet maker on the Kona side. Well, good to meet you, hope to hear from you; please have a look at our website, a feast for the eyes (we’re artists). ~Much aloha, Iris

  3. P.S. Do you know that in your http line (above) the ‘z’ is missing from your last name?
    But now I’m confused, as I don’t know if I’m emailing Jay or Darren, but anyway just tho’t I’d mention that if indeed it’s a ‘typo’. ~Aloha, Iris

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