Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me

These two broads ladies recently graduated from college. Due to the unforeseen delamination of the American dream, their careers are on hold while they open for blog postings: Krishna Emerald, backed up by the legendary Pepper Carroll. Carroll cut her teeth playin’ tenor south of Chi-town. Her face-smashing solo–from the hammock–stretches the boundries of jazzflute ala Monk or Ornette Coleman. Carroll finds the micro-tones and milks them uncompromisingly:
Man We Was Lonely
My friend Chino’s son, Kukui recently came through Hawaii between stints in China and Singapore. I set up my little digital recorder on a lanai in Volcano and we played some tunes. Chino playing his bari-uke — Kui playing his 6-string uke and the two of them harmonizing nicely. I’m playing my Dobro, or whackin’ it:

Niu Hao Hao


Ulili E

On the Road Again

6 thoughts on “Two Hawaiians, Two Hoosiers, and Me

  1. Dang. The ever scrutinizing Keahi Pelayo calls me on the ONE TIME I go politically incorrect for nuance. You got me. Er, I’ve also gone with deleting your real estate concerned URL–in the name of PC. Mahalo.

  2. Are you gonna sign up onto the FBI Blogs?

    If so contact me w/ a profile and I can throw your blog up there.


  3. Darren,

    I did a little write-up today about some local blogs, and I included yours. I’m assuming that’s how Damon found you.

    You’d be a great addition to FBI blogs.


  4. Krishna- Your data stream is gratifying.

    Damon- Nah. My surly isolationist roots prevent me at this time. Thanks though.

    Tim- Mahalo for the nice comments. “Edgy ramblings” just feels right for this fringe-dwelling homesteader!

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