Aloha Barack. Bye Dick…

On this day of celebration, let us also celebrate that Bush and Cheney and their legion of reactionaries* are departing the national political stage.

*(Political terminology wrongly identifies conservative and liberal thought as opposite to one another. A more accurate political model has an x-y axis: conservative [no-change] to radical [change] along one axis, and liberal [free] to reactionary [bound] along the other. In actuality, political behavior can be more accurately described somewhere among these two axes.)

Reactionaries lack the transcendent component to think freely–to act in ways appropriate for the immense challenges of our time. A reactionary approach is one of enslavement to thoughts and actions that languish–bound to reaction–without liberty to transcend. Acts of violence conducted by armies and terrorists are what such reactionary thought engenders on a global scale. A populace that supports massive military budgets is also culpable in this devastating violence.

The outgoing administration as well as the “terrorists” have been radicals advocating violence by their reactionary stances against the “evil-doers” or the “infidels.” Bombing is the ultimate outcome of such a lack of freedom of ideas. This twisted ideology results in bombing in freedom’s name. Racism and the other belligerent prejudices also stem from reactionary stances, akin to finger-pointing (except that it’s often backed by cluster bombs or other violence.) Yet, throughout history, it has been transcendent thought born of freedom that has brought humanity out of darkness.

Barack Obama’s presidency has resulted from our desire for change. Barack Obama has declared his advocacy for liberty by refusing to engage in petty reactionary behavior throughout his campaign and through his compelling speeches. His popular political support developed from people’s strong desire to uphold liberty. Indeed, this moment of pride in American politics can perhaps best be celebrated in terms of liberty gaining a step up against the reactionary forces that have fueled violence and oppression on our planet for ages. Let this be a celebration, but let it also be an acknowledgment of the violence that is the very basis of our military stance of Mutually Assured Destruction.

President Obama can not support the status quo of military violence and its expenditures, and nuclear stockpiles, while promoting the peace of societal and environmental health. These things are simply incompatible. Real hope, distinct from sloganized hope, is in the possibility that the Obama administration can miraculously reconcile this contradiction between hope, change, and freedom–with that of a military-corporate complex which has the technological power and the agenda to thwart these very aspirations.

So, good luck President Obama! Here’s wishing you the boldness to stay true to your rhetoric.

And to the outgoing regime that has managed to fuck things up more than any of us thought possible: Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, you capitalist crony reactionary dickheads! (Shit. Now I’m reacting poorly. Ah well, that’s what happens when you can’t throw your shoes, I guess.)

4 thoughts on “Aloha Barack. Bye Dick…

  1. Well said…
    The big question is economic. What does the Obama administration intend to do about the erosion on the working class and concentration of wealth, both here and internationally. The latest statistics I am aware of are sobering. The world’s billionaires hold something like 2.5 trillion of the world’s capital. Of the 700 or so world wide, about half are in the U.S. At a mere 3% interest those 700 folks would make about $100 million each per year, and most of them do far better than that with their investments! On the other hand about half of the world’s population – some 3 billion – live on less than $2 a day. Now I don’t mind someone working hard and making a million or so, but it seems to me a reasonable redistribution of a trillion or so of that money would go a long way towards making the world a better and safer place.
    It’s not that the world does not produce enough – it just all goes to a small percentage of people.
    Obama seems to have some sympathy for the working or middle classes, but it remains to be seen if his administration can wrest any of this obscene wealth away from the super rich. I fear nothing sort of a violent revolution will part these folks from their horded billions.

  2. The economic reality that you mention is surely fundamental to the situation. In retrospect, the original posting sorely misses mention of such an obscene distribution of wealth. I appreciate your taking the time to describe it.

  3. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaaah! Don’t assume that some of your readers aren’t reactionaries. We have a President that is now proposing to place an unprecedented amount of power in Government hands. Further, the amount of debt he is going to saddle us with is obscene.

  4. Heh, is “blah, blah, blah” the opposite of “mega-dittoes Rush!” ? Anyway, I sure wouldn’t assume such a thing. don’t you assume..its inverse..or whatever we’re left with. Actually, I’m one of low-power’s biggest fans..not crazy about debt either..

    Anyway, your comments about assumed assumptions only ad to the picture, so thanks.

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