Island Notes’ Year-End Blog Slog

Well, it’s been about two months since I first..blogged.

(Do we really have to go with the terms, “blog”, “blogging”, “blogosphere” and such? Sounds more like a turd for chrissakes, or maybe one of those cheese logs covered in slivered nuts–don’t sound much like something you’d really go out of your way to get a load of. What happened to our old standby, “writing” ? I mean, how would it sound if we took some other creative pursuit with an ancient history and a perfectly fine name, say “painting”, and now, on the internet we’re gonna start calling it “pixelblow” or some such computer-generated nonsense? Anyway being that I ain’t the one who gets to decide these things, I’ll just get on with

What I started out saying is that, for whatever reason, this blogger began excreting his processed blog-product about two months ago. Was actually a curious chain of events: One day, having a nice chat with an acquaintance, Justin Avery, at his house in Hilo, the conversation comes around to blogs, blogging, blogdom..and so on. Now I always enjoy my little chats with Justin–nice guy. However, he does seem to be of the multi-tasking set, where checking cell-phones..and generally..multitasking is the apparent chosen way. Good on him–Justin gets some shit done and I’m sure digital interfacing and all that only..increases efficiency or something. Me, I got a problem with cellphones and the new norm of wearing a digital leash, etc. In fact, I’ve been known to yell, “stop multitasking and listen to me, asshole!”–and that’s to my loved ones. An unfortunate characteristic of our era, at this closing of 2008, is that we don’t give our undivided attention to one another–there’s too much of that alluring show of information to be had, nay saturated in. It’s a huge multi-trillion dollar industry and unless this industry can condition us to think that we really need this digital shit draped all over our humanity, guess what?–they wouldn’t be able to conduct their multi-trillion dollar scheme. Right, I know you are out there saying, “Sheesh, I couldn’t imagine my life without these devices!” Well, that declaration pretty much covers it–you couldn’t. And yes, your job as a button-pusher is definately made easier with everybody’s buttons all connected up in digital technological splendor.

I fully support our button-pushers! I wish they’d be sent home! but until then, I’m tying a..well no. I’m sticking a yellow ribbon I’ll go find a “widget” for my “side-bar” proclaiming, “I support humans who push buttons!”

But I digress. In the course of our conversation, Justin says, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. What do you think about the name (so and so)?”

“(So and so) ? Hell ya. Sounds great. Hey Justin, how do ya get the, you know..”

“The what?”

“Well, you know, the ..”

“You mean the domain name?”

“Yes. That’s it! The domain name! How do you, you know..”

“Oh. Well, I go to this place called blah, blah, blah”

..Right? So I leave Justin’s house with this thing floating around among my general ignorance of internet mechanics. (I might add that while I’ve got at least two brothers who are most adept, IT and have been putting bread on their tables for a long time through very clever button-pushing; I’m not.)

So then, “arriving” at (more virtual-speak..I guess most people don’t stop their story and point out our new little virtual lexicon..I do..I think the notion of websites “going live” and assorted rap is quite significant and rather queer. Then again, my brothers seem to think I’m as anarchic and Luddite as the motherfucking unabomber.. Note: I reject bombing in its entirety. ..AND I dress much nicer than him PLUS I have a much the woods..and it’s paid for– so there!)

Ya. Anyway, what’s curious about buying a domain name is that you kind of got to commit to your..nomenclatural paradigm..if you know what I mean. It’s not unlike what Joan Didion said about writing, “What’s so hard about that first sentence is that you are stuck with it. Everything else is going to flow out of it..” Same goes for a domain name. If, in all your wisdom, you decide on buying that “” while it’s actually availablein it’s form no less, well, there you are. Your audience will now be taking up your perspicacious discourse after arriving at your little concept hanging a sign reading, “GoofyBastard.Com.” –could work never know. But everything (well, your new digital foray anyway) will flow out of your Domain Name..

One of the interesting parts of this-giving money to domain selection-process, has been the necessity of having to decide just how (ideally, anyway) I’d care to participate in this little worldwide etch-a-sketch. And I’ll admit, rushing into buying “” cause it was actually available at that very moment in time, like some rip in the space-time continuum, wasn’t maybe my brightest conceptual move.. Fortunately, offers the lowly .info domains for something like a buck a year. So, a few credit card charges later, and I’m the proud owner of illustrious .info domains such as: HawaiiHiking.Info, JapanHawaii.Info (hey, I dig Hawaii, Hiking, and Japan, so why not.) Yes, there are some others I’d rather not mention. (you wanna visit ..mine.) ..The point is, this little exercise, while having set me back 20 smackers or so, has also allowed me to try and get clear on why I might want to push some buttons myself.

Anyway. It ends up that I decide that “Island Notes” (note to self: upload that 2001 Space Odyssey music here) would seem to cover a lot of ground of what interests me – it’s got Islands, it’s got Notes..well, you get the picture. AND it’s available, with a .org appendage which, given my ranting about profit-mongers fucking up about everything that is good in the world – well, it’d seem a natural fit.

Um..but I started out this latest rant with the intention of giving my (admittedly limited and arbitrary) observations of our little ..blogosphere.., right out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (We can still say “ocean” on the internet, right?). Okay. Well, in no particular order, this is what I’ve stumbled to (virtually speaking):

Well, first off, you got your I guess he wrote for one of the papers on Oahu. I do know that his blog gets to be featured on PBS..and the guy writes pretty well, seems to be firmly of “the establishment.” – whatever. I go drop a comment or two when inspired. I even sort of groveled by email to him about, “Oh Mr. Lind, won’t ya please paste me on your blogroll!?” (not unlike those slivered nuts) He didn’t reply. I don’t blame him. Just this morning I learned that his wife (I assume) is an academician at UH and what not. I graduated from UH-Hilo – had a perfectly fine time there – even got away with not paying tuition by way of waivers for playing in the pep band, etc. Go Vulcans! Nevertheless, it amazes me that so-called public higher education remains this sacrosanct yet co-opted, publicly-funded, professional cartel that is way overdue for reform. (That’s probably something for another post..or book, or something.) Guess what? University profs are reticent about bringing this up. Imagine that. My career doesn’t keep me from addressing such truths. Still, I enjoy reading at times and I wish him and his family well. And no, I won’t be stitching my three cats: Steuben, Estrus, and Dilrod into my blog. (Did I just do that?) They’re doing just fine in their rather..analog world. Indeed, they seem to take care of a lot of their..”interfacing” through occasional sniffing of one another’s butts. Fine.

Next, I suppose I could mention our hugely-popular East Hawaii Blogger extraordinaire: Damon Tucker! He’s on about everybody’s blogroll! (He’ll even post anything you want to write – on a dollar that you send to him! It’s “Damon Dollars!” It’s fun! The peeps want fun, right! He wants dollars! Okay? ..Right. Whatever. I wish Damon and his legion the best of luck too. (Gee. I forgot how to ‘insert his link.’ ..uh..maybe if he sends me ten bucks, I’ll remember..)

Contrasting da Damon phenomenon is Alan McNarie’s blog. Alan can actually write, which is somewhat refreshing in a blogosphere that can boggy? Actually back in the day at UHH, Alan was my teacher for a class called, I think, Eng 201, or some such imaginary term that only academia could come up with. As I sometimes remind him, we explored the words, “hubris” and “allegory”, as well as cracked open the great Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman.” – all worthy pursuits in my estimation. And – while not putting forth the sheer quantity of verbosity as Damon (heck Alan don’t even have those neat videos and digital-bling. Hey Alan! Put colorful graphics shit and videos on yer site!) heh. Yet, when Alan chooses to write, it would seem to be something worth reading. Not all of us sloggers can claim as much. Check out his latest, entitled: Koa vs the Biomass Bonanza. Alan writes stuff that needs to be written. (Dude – you start an “Alan Dollars” campaign–I’m gonna send one in..)

Oh ya. The “Sensible Simplicity“-guy. Haven’t actually met him – I think he homesteads like, within a few thousand feet of where I do. I wonder if he has a sense of humor about that whole apocalypse-thing. I’ll bet he does. I’ll bet we could have some big belly-laughs about our society’s imminent delaminating into Mad Max-world. “Hey you! You big dumbass. Get out of my breadfruit tree or I’ll shoot!” That shit just cracks me up. Anyway he gets rolled right onto my blogroll..He ain’t talkin’ out his ass when he says we might want to pay attention to the unprecedented..turning-point we’s at. — ’nuff said.

So then you got the scientist-guy-blogs from atop Mauna Kea. (Heck, I don’t know. They might tap out their bloggage in a closet in Winnipeg for all I know. I don’t think so though. Anyway, they seem to take real nice pictures along with their insightful scoops on outer worlds.

Okay. Hmm. I guess the blogosphere is a little..thin in East Hawaii. Oh. I almost forgot about Tiffany Edwards-Hunt and her BigIslandChronicle. Okay, she does hyphenate her name, which is always a little suspect, but I have to say, and not having met her, this sister seems to be largely concerned with community health – and she has actual writing chops to articulate some of what concerns our community, I wish her well and encourage her to keep writing from the heart.

I know I’m missing the best blogs out there probably. And sorry Kona-blogs–I’m just not that hep. Any stoked blogger out there – drop a line. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

So it’s over to Maui. And speaking of the No Ka Oe, or however that goes – there does seem to be some good writers over there, if they haven’t bolted from well..trying to live on Maui. Gotta make mention of this guy: Anthony Pignataro. I think it was on Christmas Eve-day no less, that I had sent an email to him after discovering his fine blog. I mean, after slogging through a lot of blogging it was such a treat to find one written in a way that..well the kind that engenders that, “I’ve found my people!”-kind of thing, you know? The fact that Anthony found room to sprinkle little old me and my slivered nuts on his roll du blog was a welcomed encouragement. I guess he has been sort of in that “alternate weekly”-zone (such as the MauiTime where he was the editor..and which I only found out about through his links. I’ve been sort of in the forest building a homestead, or in Japan, working for that briefcase-toting professional sucre–funny contrast–but maybe for another post.)

Joan Conrow, as in KauaiEclectic, kindly replied to my “howdy”-email. She wrote that she thought my blog was well..eclectic. That’s a quality that I’ve long admired so I appreciate her comment. Likewise, I find her writing to be real..readable. Plus she doesn’t have all that bling-shit draped all over her site – real uncluttered – maybe like a nice Monet painting or something. ..Matisse? (On mine I go for that BeeGees meets Schoenberg-vibe)

And a fellow, Andy Parx of Got Windmills?, has sent along a note or two. I think he’s on Kauai. Oahu? Anyway, I can see that he writes with a bit of a fire, so I’m gonna check his stuff out some more too. (I dunno, the “Do you have windmills?-concept eludes me a’s probably so obvious I’m not seeing it. At least he didn’t go for that one..while it was available.)

The Disappeared News guy gets rolled onto my blog too. He’s another one that actually writes some shit worth reading. I know there is a PC-way to say that–news..reporting.. exemplary..blah blah blah. It might be obvious to anyone checking out my site, that I don’t really give a shit about political correctness. Nor am I saying that I desperately need or want to be a blog-party-roll-favorite. Suffice to say, I’ve found PC-behaviour to be, at a minimum, really annoying, but more importantly, we’d do well to unveil the sloganizing and manipulation–through essentially name calling, so as to expose who’s scamming who, laidat. I think the Disappeared News guy is pointed in the right direction..uh, correct direction..

And speaking of news and blogs and posts, it’s been actually a lot of fun trying to piece together a little website. I, for one, am maybe not the one to sit at this friggen’ computer day in and day out. I had actually started off with the notion that it could facilitate “human encounter.” That, I think, was a bit naive. It’s is as dead as the proverbial door nail. And I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. Digital technology ain’t going anywhere soon–well who the fuck knows where its machinations will take it – and us. I guess I see it largely as taking us to a more inhuman place. I’m pretty sure the digital, inorganic cards are stacked way against analog, organic humanity. I’d love to be proven wrong on this one. Perhaps I may indeed continue trying to shove some digitizations of human gesture into this deadly frontier — in the hope of lifting the curtain enough to show that no one actually lives here. In the meantime, I think I’m gonna take a walk..

..damn it! still raining..

4 thoughts on “Island Notes’ Year-End Blog Slog

  1. Ah..a quixotic deal ay?! Cool. See?..This is what happens when ‘WifeSwap’ becomes one’s window to the forget those references that were not programmed for the sofa-sitting brain-suck experience. Thanks for reading it..and for clarifying your locale. Aloha from the far-side!

  2. Happy New Year to you too.

    ..sorry about the misplaced hyphen..really just some silly riff..glad it didn’t lead to a..well, tiff.

    BigIslandChronicle is likewise adorning my..blogroll.


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