Hey Jack, Care to Whack?

Well, it’s finally happened.

One of the several readers of Island Notes has finally ponied up a poem, in response to last month’s call for poetry submissions.

Dear Island Notes,

As a drummer I consider myself a poet – my drumming is my poems.

If you “care to whack”, you are a beat poet.

“Hey Jack. Care to whack?”

_peace BBJ

ps- I didn’t use my snare at first.

Okay, well whatever. Anyway, I say ponied up a poem but actually BBJ sent an email w/attached mp3. So here, cut and pasted is Big Beats Jonesy’s ” Complicated Drumming Poem #2” (Although it’d seem BBJ was beating the Jack Kerouac reference to death, and what’s up with “drumming is my poems“?)

Mahalo to BBJ for pushing the poetic envelope so to speak.

(And you less percussive poets out there, don’t let Jonesy’s beat poem, you know, oppress you. Just get right back on your metaphorical horse and…don’t fall off half-way in… the metaphorical river…and…you know – Send in a friggin’ poem!)

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