Holiday Cock

holidaycockHere’s Mr. Pinhead, chief liberator of cat nuggets. At least his dumps are maybe helping out other yard residents like the ‘ulu (breadfruit tree) he’s standing under. Other than that, he’s just irritating mostly; crows over sunrise at 2 pm, among other annoyances. Still as I crack eggs shipped from Oahu, if not from the mainland, into my okonomiyaki mix, I’m unclear about who’s the bigger idiot. He does offer up his resplendence for a holiday picture..and his provocative name. I guess that’s something. Still, I wouldn’t mind if he went home, wherever that may be.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Cock

  1. ‘Order of the White Rose’ I’ll bet you guys rock! I’m on a piddly dial-up connection. One of these times I gots to download a tune of yours, like when I’m down in Hilo-town. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Incidentally, just had a listen to No Flags, No Masters
    asking the sensible question, ‘What are we dying for?’
    That shit is epic! (that word gets bantered about but sometimes you gotta jes’ bus ’em)

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