Polling the Blog Vog of Advertising

(Post..posting note: After giving this more thought, it would seem valid to make the distinction between local businesses’ advertisements, and say, distant-from-the-community ads. Still, the discussion of how advertisement might affect the reporting of community news is worthwhile, particularly as digital “content” is crashing straight into what has traditionally been called “news.”)

Or as one perspicacious reader of iLind.net put it:

The qualitative distinction between “news” and digital “content” is significant. News is something that is newsworthy – worthy of reporting to the public. Content is, well, just something, albeit high-definition-something. In fact, highly-defined news fits on paper just fine. Digital high-definition ‘content’ doesn’t. Confusing these two pursuits is perhaps something we’d do well to avoid.

Hmm, I guess it’s too late to tweak my poll, so to speak..

2 thoughts on “Polling the Blog Vog of Advertising

  1. Of course Ads would hinder the blogger or news writer to keep from writing negative things about their advertiser.

    On my blog in particular… I would hardly call it a “News” site.

    I only blog about things that interest me and things that are informative about the community.

    As a blogger, I feel it’s my responsibility to only accept ads from companies that I would not have a conflict of interest with.

    If I did find something wrong with a company that was advertising on my site… I would notify the owner, refund the balance of their monies owed, and take their ad off of my site.

    I don’t see that happening in the near future.

    My ad rates couldn’t even feed me if I wanted to… It’s just a little christmas money if anything and more or less trying to help out a few local companies.

    You will not see any ads on my site that would compromise my personal feelings no matter what they paid me.

  2. I agree. Blogs about what interests the blogger and his/her community are different from blogs purporting to deliver “news and commentary.”

    Also, “local companies” ARE much different entities from distant corporations.

    Nevertheless, in the change of tide that is going down with newspapers and other news media, it would seem that discussing these distinctions might also benefit our community. Mahalo.

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