Stormy Monday’s Stupendous Ending

Ding dang it anyhow, just can’t help but post this last recording of what is really sort of a triptych for now. The recorder, while faithfully recording our saturday night jam, ran out of memory such that the stupendous ending wasn’t recorded. (..Mark the singer rose up and flew around suspended on secret guidewires..and we had some flashpots..and..let’s see.. oh ya, I got beat up for playing obnoxious shit and not knowing that passing chord.. and er, that was about it.)

Well, that’s how I remember the ending..but I guess we’ll never really know ’cause it wasn’t recorded.

Mp3 file is 3.3mb. So far, it seems like going with a 128kbps mp3 is a minimum to avoid that swirly top end on the tone, so dark-age dial-up folks like me would have a tough time loading it. Fortunately, I can upload the large sound files down in Hilo and postition them when back safely in the jungle.

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