Crossroad Blues in HPP

This was recorded with a little digital recorder last night in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Was good fun. Amy, you rock! Thanks Mark, et al.

(Recording is a 128kbps mp3, so you backwater dial-up types would need to wait twenty minutes or so..believe me, I know..)

(After uploading the sound file on my dial-up, the playback seems to be snipped-off at around the guitar solo. If some kind soul hears the same, or can confirm that the file indeed plays to the end, please drop a comment. Mahalo.)


Clare Kuo:     Boundaries 7

2 thoughts on “Crossroad Blues in HPP

  1. Sounds great! Local rockin’ groove and a slick slide guitar solo. Woman singing (Amy) has powerful vocal abilities, beautiful and soulful. Her voice should be brought out a little bit more if possible in this recording.
    The artwork of the ocean in the header paired with the recording gives a good sense of Big Island-inspired creativity.

  2. I’m glad you like it. Slide is always a slippery slope.
    Amy does indeed sing! As the recording is from an ambient stereo mic, it’s pretty tough to bring her voice out more, as it should be. She’s a precocious one though and I reckon she’ll get the chance. mahalo.

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