School Reform and the Nature of Learning

Knowledge is only considered a commodity if seen as a result of an institution’s goals, economic and otherwise. Knowledge is NOT a commodity.

Costly and ineffective systems of education can be changed to better serve our communities if we take back personal responsibility for what we learn and teach. A teacher who risks interfering in another’s life takes responsibility for the results and a student who takes on influence of a teacher takes on responsibility for his/her own education.

Reformed schools become facility centers providing a roof and appropriate learning tools (those tools which provide each person the ability to understand their environment better and to shape it with their own hands with full intercommunication).

School reform demands the denial of professional status to teaching. Certification of teachers constitutes undue restriction upon rights of free speech.

Constitutional freedoms lay at the heart of this readjustment of community.

Learning as a natural and meaningful act among humans must be preserved through recognition of this freedom.

makekaieditTomas Belsky

2 thoughts on “School Reform and the Nature of Learning

  1. Hmm, perhaps..
    I’m not ready to hand our children’s education over to the so-called free-market. I DO know that we, as a community, need to be making the decisions about what is best for us. Thanks for weighing in.

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