Stay Still Far

Stay Still Far

fuck running in place

at this point, to suggest I pretend and go nowhere
offends my dignity.

high knees? only worse

I’m happy to sprint, or comfortably jog

but run in place? I want
run in place? nope

I’d like to see you make me.

run in place. ya right.
how about I stay still and be moved

now, how do we count this off?

and will high knees become very little effort
while moving quite far?

I wonder

why run in place?
when I can stay still far

2 thoughts on “Stay Still Far

  1. “Stay Still Far” inspired me to run around the block staying still. I no longer experience the winded exhaustion resulting from such a journey, yet I feel satisfied with a deep sense of physical accomplishment.
    Always wanting to go somewhere, never getting “there”. Going nowhere seemed a better alternative for me!
    Thank you and I look forward to more poems.

  2. Sheryl, I’m glad staying still has worked out for you.

    Perhaps you will enjoy my forthcoming, yet largely unwritten poem, “Swimming Beyond Water”..highly conceptual but it may resonate with one as sensitive as you.

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